Rice field has a pleasing view that gives a soothing sensation. Evidently, rice field became a very good place for yoga activity. A thick yellowish green carpet which created a breezy, chill ambiance and brings us to the remarkable calming relaxation.

In Bali, rice fields are also called Terasering or rice terraces. Terasering resembles stairs. Almost in every corner of Bali, we can easily find the Terasering. Generally, in Bali, besides the pleasant beaches surround the Island, from east coast to west coast, rice fields or rice terraces is also an attractive object that dominates in this island. In Bali, some of the hotels and villas developers together with the local farmer’s societies build the ​​rice fields near the coast, so the property can provides satisfaction views for the guests.

Other fact about rice fields is about its watering or irrigation system, called Subak. Subak is not only a watering system, but subak is an organization consists of local farmers, to maintain the water irrigation. Subak is one

of the non-profitable organizations and usually led by the traditional leader, called Kelian.

The most important thing from subak is, every subak must have a temple, called Pura Uluncarik, or Pura bedugul. This temple uses as the place of worship to God, which manifested as the Goddess of prosperity, the Dewi Sri.

However, nowadays, the green revolution has led to changes in subak. That is because of the high yielding varieties, the farmers must plant the paddies as often as possible which causing to the needs of other farmers has ignored. This

is contrary to the principle of real subakhighly prioritizes to the overall farmers needs and welfare.

Bali will always make us captivated by its charm and magical things. Rice fields

are one of Bali’s assets which will be retained in order to maintain the balance of harmony with human nature and giving an exceptional sight. Just look at a variety of villas and luxury hotels are built amid the rice fields such as in Ubud area, Tabanan area and others. Now, who would like to have an exquisite and exotic house in the middle of the beautiful rice fields?