Bird nest soup and the unboiled nest

Bird nest soup and the unboiled nest

The Chinese people eat bird nest soup for their health, but do you know how the swallows make the nest? The nest is actually the saliva of the birds that has hardened after sometime. However, it is not distasteful at all. The soup tastes like common chicken soup and the bird nest itself is like gelatin.

The Benefits

It is renowned for its good contributions to human’s health. Here are some benefits of the soup:

1. Strengthening the immune system

The high glycoprotein in bird nest is proven to improve the immune system. It is beneficial for those who are in recovery condition, or even for those who are healthy.

2. Maintaining youthful skin

Bird nest contains epidermal growth factor that is useful for the human’s tissue and skin.

3. Promoting Children Growth

The amino acids in the nest can boost the growth of the kids.

How to Cook It

The bird nest needs to be boiled at 100 Celsius degrees for 4 hours. Then, the chef has to mix it chicken broth.

Chopstick, as a part of Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali and Club Bali Mirage, offers Bird Nest Soup as well. This swiftlet saliva soup is considered expensive as it costs at Rp 250,000++ /bowl, but this restaurant now discounts the price to Rp 199,000++.

Notes: This soup can cause allergic reaction.