Being a part of Grand Mirage for more than 5 years, our superstars of July never stop to improve whole-hearted services toward our guest. Though the time keeps running, day by day, year by year, their love to their professions never fades away. This Bali all inclusive resort is absolutely proud to have them.

Gatot Priyono

Has been working for Mirage Resort for 21 years, Gatot, the Engineering storekeeper, feels that this luxury resort is his second home. He previously worked in Club Bali Mirage before he moved to the just-open Grand Mirage 20 years ago.

 1.  What is the challenge for being Engineering Storekeeper?

Gatot Priyono

Gatot Priyono

I should continually control the tools in the store and manage how to restock tools before others knock my door to request them.

2.  How do you like your job?

This job has taught me how to be patient and well organized and it means a lot for me.

3.  Who inspires you most?

The first chief engineering in Grand Mirage, Sunaryo, is my inspiration. He taught me everything about working here. From basic working principle until technical things of Engineering work.

4. What is your expectation in the future?

Someday, I will be an entrepreneur

 5.What is your motivation?

My passion of this job and my strong will of doing everything perfectly.

Ni Wayan Sukma Jasmini

Sukma has found her soul during her tenure as a Guest Relation Officer in Grand Mirage. This hotel is her first workplace and now, in her 8th years of service, she is still falling in love with this Bali resort like how she felt in her first day.

Ni Wayan Sukma Jamini

Ni Wayan Sukma Jamini

1.  What is the challenge for being a member in FO team?
I should understand the characters of the guests before I solve their problems, so that I would offer a suitable solution towards their complaints.

2.  How do you like your job?
I learn about people characters, and language in GRO. Here, I am trained how to control my emotion.

3.  Who inspires you most?
Senni, the assistant of Front Office Manager. She is smart and always comes up with the answers of my questions.

4.  What is your expectation in the future?
Learning and learning more things in Grand Mirage.

5.  What is your motivation?

Supportive team always motivates me how to be better and better again.
Grand Mirage is a 5-star beachfront resort featuring all inclusive as the main product. Accentuating 301 rooms and suites and 3 restaurants and 2 bars, this Bali all-inclusive-resort sets on 5-hectare area.