Beach vacation

The warm rays of the sun, the soothing sounds of waves, and the powder- like sands…Those elements appear to be luxury when you are slaving over your chores, piles of documents, or other daily routines that make you wish you have more than 24 hours a day. Rewarding yourself with a beach getaway is proven to be more than only escaping from your mundane. You may not realize what beach can do to your body. Scientists have conducted researches to study the benefits of beach either for your mental or physical fitness.

1. Banishing a Bad Mood

“The more you expose yourself to the sunlight, the better your mood”- The conclusion is drawn from a study at Baker Heart Research Institute Australia. The scientist found the sunlight promotes the productions of chemicals related to your mood called serotonin. In brief, beach makes you happier!


2. Boosting Your Sleep Quality

Are you suffering from sleep disorder? It may signal that your body requires more sun exposure. A study suggests the natural sunlight sets the body clock that tells you the time to eat and to sleep by releasing sleep-wake hormones. On top of that, the relaxing sounds of ocean slower your heart rate and makes you calmer. Choosing by the beach accommodation might solve your sleeping problems.

3. Keeping Yourself Fit

Have you ever noticed that walking on the beach is more difficult than on the road? The inconsistent sand dunes make your steps harder. In short, you burn more calories when you walk on the beach compared to walking on the road blocks. Jogging on the beach every day will keep you fit during your beach respite.


4. Exfoliating the Skin

It is advised to walk with your barefoot. The sand grains can remove your dead skin cells and leave your renewed cells. Therefore your feet will be softer after you walk on the beach. But never try to put the sands on your face! They are too harsh…

5. Relieving the Arthritis Pain

Do your parents ache from rheumatic arthritis? You can take them with you to swim in the ocean! A research in Manchester University discovered the saltwater relieves the swollen cells of arthritis sufferers by dehydrating them. Besides, the seawater can cure impermanent scars.

Now, what are you waiting for? Fill your leave form, book flight tickets and reserve a room in a beach resort!

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