“One, two, three, PULL!”  The two groups started to pull the rope in their hands as strong as they can. Some fell on the sands, but most of them managed to keep their balance and draw the rope.

August 19, 2013, Tanjung Benoa- It was on August 17, 2013 during the tug of war in Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali. This fun competition was initially attended by activity staffs and in-house guests, but their enthusiasm had magnetized the people passing the beach to join this game.

This tug of war was one of the activity series to celebrate 68th year of Indonesian Independence Day. The celebration started at 8 am with a commemoration ceremony attended by the staffs. It was on the car parking area and took about 30 minutes.

Thanks to the clear weather, the activity team began the games on time at 11 am. The family-games were running with racing with bamboo besek on the heads, running while carrying marbles on spoons, taking candies on full-of-flour plates with mouths, tug of war, sack race for the parents, and kids crackers eating. The winners got souvenirs from this Bali resort. That afternoon would not be that glorious without the support of the family members to the participants.

The winners of sack race

The winners of sack race

In the evening, banquet team organized an Independence Day buffet dinner. Under the lanterns, the staffs, who were exceptionally dressed in Balinese cultural costumes, were serving 250 guests. The attendees seated on the white covered chairs with tables swathed with red table cloths. Special Indonesian dishes are on their tables. The night was enlivened by duo singers, Kecak dance, and Quartet Music.

Special Banana Cake

Special banana cake

This Bali all inclusive resort has commemorated Indonesian Independence Day its own way which cannot be separated with the identity- The Playful Side of Paradise.

Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali is a family friendly 5 star resort. Located on the sea shore of Indian Ocean, this Bali resort offers awesome 301 rooms with infinite ocean view and verdant garden.