Meet Keiley and her parents!

Meet Keiley and her parents!

Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali had an honor to meet Keiley West (Miss Kew). She is a talented 14- year-old girl from Australia who can turn heads when she dances. On 25th of April 2014, she was on the stage of Grand Mirage Resort and entertained those who enjoyed their Fiesta Latina buffet dinner. Here is our interview with Miss Kew (K) and her parents, Tina (T) and Shaun (S) West.

1. How did Miss Kew start dancing?

(T): When Miss Kew was 2 years old, she was a shy girl, so we put her into a dancing class. She started to move here and there. Now, she is a very different person.

2.When did you start your first competition?

Keiley West on Rama Stage

Keiley West on Rama Stage

(K): When I was 12. My first competition was World Championship of Performance of Art as a part of Australian team. It was like an Olympic, but for arts: model, instrumental, dance, and other performing arts.

3. What do you plan for the near future?

(S): She learns to act, silk dance, and sing. It is a demand to enter the Broadway.

4. How do you see yourself in next 5 years?

(K): I will be on the stage of Cirque du Soleil, a competition for a silk dancing, and Broadway.

5.What do you like from dancing

(K): I love to show people what I can do. It is fun for me.

6. What was your proudest moment?

(K): It was when I could finally make my first solo dance on the stage. I was 6 years old and really nervous. I could not make it on the day it was supposed to be, but I made it on the next day.

(S): She has been in 52 countries so far to perform and to compete with other dancers from all around the world.

Miss Kew and her awards

Miss Kew and her awards

7. As parents, do you always follow and support her wherever she goes and perform her dances?

(T)Yes. All the sisters are all grown-up, so we do not need to worry about them.

8. How is your stay with Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali?

(K): Great!

(T): They even know that I like to drink Cola Zero! We will come back here with the girls, Keiley and all her sisters.

(S): We will definitely come back, perhaps in Christmas.

A bit about Miss Kew:


Facebook: Misskew

Instagram: @keileyelaine_dance

14-year-old talented girl

14-year-old talented girl

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