Let's meet Nemo...

Let’s meet Nemo…

Last Sunday morning at 8, Sonia, the Seawalker reservation, already sat on her desk. Though she did not get her Sunday- the day which most people enjoy as relaxing time, she still smiled broadly and tried to deliver her best service to those visiting the Seawalker corner. It seemed that there were only 2 bookings for the day- from a group of three Indonesian women travelling together and a Japanese lady.

The group of women came at 10 am sharp like what they promised. They showed their pillow faces. Perhaps they just woke up less than one hour ago, had a flash breakfast, and dashed to the Seawalker counter. Again, Sonia patiently welcomed them with smile, asked them to have a seat then prepared waiving forms for them to fill in. They stared at the forms for a while, gathering their consciousness to fill it. Sometimes they threw some questions to Sonia about the items in the form. When they had finished with the form, Sonia handed them an album of procedure on how to do this kind of activity, and also the gestures that the staff used underwater for giving instructions and interaction.

At the same time, a topless dark-skin man was waiting for the women. Through a handy-talkie, Sonia instructed him to prepare his boat for the group. His skin showed he spent most of his hours under the sun, so the hot sun ray during that day did not bother him at all. It was his 10th minute of standing beside his boat before the women came. They looked fully awake already as they enthusiastically run to the fast boat and took their most convenient seats. The dark man advised them to put the life vest on in case the boat hit a big wave and they fell, the vest could keep them floating. Fortunately, they could safely arrive at the pontoon.

Being shaken on the ocean has made their heads spinning around. So they preferred to have a seat on the pontoon and wait for a Japanese woman who held the second reservation instead of directly plunging to the underwater. Adyn, Eddy, and Yamin, three humorous staff, in the pontoon accompanied the women to kill the time with a light and hilarious conversation. Sometimes their laughter covered the crushing sound of the wave.

"Put the helmet on!"

“Put the helmet on!”

Shoes? On! Swimsuit? On! Huge helmet? On! All the safety gear already stuck on the bodies. Eddy grabbed a bottle of bread crumbles and a camera before assisting the group. All the guests went down to the ocean with a 2 meter-metal ladder. To keep directing them, Eddy reminded them to hold a long metal stick. One step, two step, they walked step by step trying to against the water pressure till they stop beside a coral. He pressed the bottle, so that the bread crumbles escaped through the hole of the bottle cap. A cluster of colorful fish approached the crumbles. The women seemed so happy watching the fish swimming around them, sometimes they tried to catch one though they rarely got one.

10-15 minutes underwater felt enough for them. When they hiked up the ladder, an ocean snake which was beautiful with its black and yellow stripes woke up from its sleep and stretched his body. His nest was jus several inches from the ladder. Luckily, he bit no one. All the guests came back from the ocean to Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali.

Fish is wherever...

Fish is wherever…


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